Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Great Ghyabi News

Congratulations to Pat Northey! 

She received the River Champion Award from the St. Johns River Alliance this past Friday at Jacksonville Mayor Brown's Mayor's Environmental Luncheon Congratulations to Pat Northey! She received the River Champion Award from the St. Johns River Alliance​ this past Friday at Jacksonville Mayor Brown's Mayor's Environmental Luncheon 

Read more here:http://ow.ly/Krp3h 

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Spruce Creek grad’s Uganda water plan gets notice of Clinton foundation

Maryam Ghyabi's niece Nika was mentioned in the Daytona Beach News Journal this week!

Nika’s plan to bring a solar-powered water purification system to Kiburara, Uganda, got her invited to the Clinton Global Initiative University this week at the University of Miami in Coral Gables.

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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Ghyabi & Associates Four Guiding Principles

Integrity being accountable to and respecting others...meeting our commitments and promises, being honest and active in a professional and ethical manner.

Entrepreneurship taking personal initiative and responsibility and applying our talents, strengths and energy to reach our full potential/value and thereby help to make the firm the most successful

Civic Minded contributing positively to enhance the well-being and quality of life of the communities in which we live and work including participation in and support of community service activities, governmental affairs, charitable causes and stewardship/public advocacy programs

Uniqueness being progressive, innovative, creative and bold in order to acheieve the best possible performance and results.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Ghyabi News: Moore Promoted to Vice President

Ms. Martha Moore, P.E. has been promoted to the position of Vice President of Ghyabi and Associates. Moore has been with Ghyabi & Associates for 3 years in the position of Transportation and Traffic Engineering Division Manager.

Martha Moore has worked strenuously to oversee projects and in our business development. She will continue to oversee projects and will be expanding her role in business development and internal operation of the firm.

 Congratulations Martha!

For immediate release: February 24, 2015

Maryam Ghyabi: 386.677.5499   mghyabi@ghyabi.com

Moore Elevated to Vice President at Ghyabi & Associates

Transportation engineer Martha L. Moore, P.E., has been namedVice President of Ghyabi & Associates, Inc. She has been on staff at the company since 2012 as Transportation & Traffic Engineering Division Manager.

“Martha has worked diligently to oversee many complex engineering projects for the firm,” said Maryam Ghyabi, CEO. “She will continue to oversee projects and take on expanded duties in the business development arena as we experience increased vitality in the marketplace and growing demand for our services.” Moore has 25 years of experience in transportation engineering and planning, including corridor master plans and concept design, safety studies, pedestrian road safety audits, traffic impact and capacity analysis, traffic signal system design and timing, and growth management.

She has successfully conducted public meetings and charrettes for the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) and other agencies. Also, she has extensive expertise in military master planning, such as Air Installation Compatible Use Zone (AICUZ) studies; development of facility requirements, and family housing market During her tenure at the Ghyabi organization, Moore has managed a variety of projects such as the International Speedway Boulevard (US 92) Corridor Master Management Plan, the 2040 Long Range Transportation Plan for the River-to-Sea Transportation Planning Organization, Districtwide Traffic Engineering Studies Contract for FDOT District 2, Intermodal Transit Station Study in Daytona Beach, International Speedway Boulevard (US 92) Pedestrian Connectivity and Safety Assessment, and a Concept Development Planning Study for SR 40 in downtown Ocala. Moore is a native of Jacksonville, FL.

She is a graduate of Jacksonville University and and holds her civil engineering degree from Georgia Institute of Technology. She is a Trustee with the JAX Chamber and a member of the JAXALLIANCE Transportation Ghyabi & Associates is an engineering and planning firm with offices in Ormond Beach, Orlando and Jacksonville. Moore works in the Jacksonville office.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Put Best Foot Forward with Evolution of ISB

Thank you Daytona Beach News-Journal​-

First impressions are forever. This is true across the board. From blind dates to job interviews, from restaurants to capitol buildings, first impressions are permanent.

Read full story from Maryam Ghyabi published in the Daytona Beach News Journal in February 2015.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Daytona’s gateway could see big changes along International Speedway Boulevard

Photo Credit: Nigel Cook

Maryam Ghyabi and Ghyabi & Associates had the unique opportunity to sit with the editorial board of the Daytona Beach News Journal to contribute to this article, which ran in the Daytona Beach News Journal on Sunday February 1, 2015.

A few years from now, the main road millions of tourists travel every year from the interstate to the ocean will be criss-crossed with pedestrian overpasses and lined with new sidewalks, lighting and landscaping.

International Speedway Boulevard could also one day greet visitors with grand gateway elements like signs and fountains, add in light rail lines and be dotted with new traffic circles, replacing the sleepy beach town vibe with a new urban feel.

Many of those changes along the six-mile stretch of ISB east of Interstate 95 are underway or close to turning dirt. Others are long-term dreams being championed by people like Maryam Ghyabi who look at Daytona’s central traffic artery and see economic development potential and the future.

“Great communities are built around great corridors,” said Ghyabi, CEO of Ormond Beach-based Ghyabi & Associates, the engineering and planning firm studying and designing some changes to ISB. “International Speedway Boulevard has the ability to be that corridor.”

Read full article from Daytona Beach News Journal here

Monday, February 2, 2015

St. Johns River Bridge Easing Traffic for 10 years

After years of planning and construction, the St. Johns River Bridge has contributed to the efficient flow of traffic for more than ten years. When it was put in service in 2004, the bridge was hailed for providing instant relief to chronic logjams along Interstate 4. 

The structure has a dual profile with two three-lane spans, each with wide shoulders. Initially, the bridge was to have been build in 2014, but thanks to a strong lobbying effort led by G&A’s Mayram Ghyabi, work on the bridge commenced a full decade ahead of schedule, leaving planners to wonder what kind of traffic problems have been avoided as a result of having fast-traced the project.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

In the shadow of Daytona International Speedway

International Speedway Boulevard (ISB) has always played an important role in the economy, identity, and community of Daytona Beach and Volusia County as a whole. In order to ensure the proper evolution of the ISB corridor as the community around it grows,

Maryam Ghyabi began in 2007 to promote the creation of a coalition of local stakeholders to oversee the developmental needs of ISB. In 2008, with the blessings and support of city and county managers, the ISB Coalition was formally created as a mixture of public and private entities that all have a vested interest in the sustainable development of infrastructure around the corridor.

During 2009, Ghyabi and the ISB Coalition were able to secure a $300,000 grant from the Florida Department of Transportation to perform a concept study of the ISB Corridor. Volusia County Government is concerned with the quality of ISB as a gateway and its impact on the appeal of commercial lands at Daytona Beach International Airport, something this study has looked to address.

The ISB Coalition meets regularly at the International Motorsports Center, located off of International Speedway Boulevard and across from famed Daytona International Speedway.

Young engineers add dynamics to G+A

G+A has a high-energy corporate culture. Adding to the flow of adrenaline in the organization is the work of two of its young team members, Katie Widdeson and Mason Raguse, E. I.

As well-accomplished professionals, both bring vitality, innovation and creativity to G+A. Katie is a graduate of the University of Central Florida and soon will sit for her Engineering Intern exam. She works in the Ormond Beach office on transportation related design-build projects and assists with planning studies.

Mason, a graduate of Michigan Technological University, works in the Jacksonville office. His work includes master planning for pedestrian road safety studies, corridor master management plans, equivalent single-axel load analysis (ESAL) and level-of-service analysis (LOS). As an Engineering Intern, he is working toward his Professional Engineer degree. “Katie and Matt are talented professionals who add a vital dynamic to our team,” said CEO Maryam Ghyabi.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Twenty years in the blink of an eye!

G+A is celebrating its 20th anniversary later this year. It’s hard to believe, but the firm has built a voluminous portfolio of transportation, engineering and planning projects.
The firm was established in 1995 by Maryam Ghyabi, a young woman with an engineering degree, entrepreneurial instincts and a deep love of her community. Since that time, she and her colleagues have earned a reputation for excellence in transportation engineering, civil engineering, planning and much more. The firm serves much of Florida from its offices in Ormond Beach, Jacksonville and Orlando. Watch for details of G+A’s 20th anniversary celebration to be held in the 4th quarter.

Meanwhile, if you were wondering what the landscape looked like in 1995:

20 years ago…
Time flies. Think back to 1995 and you will remember:
Bill Clinton was President of the United States
John Delaney was Mayor of Jacksonville
Bill Frederick was Mayor of Orlando
Bud Asher was Mayor of Daytona Beach
Lawton Chiles was Governor of Florida
Richard Kelton was Volusia County’s Acting Manager
Fred Costello was Mayor of Ormond Beach
And just for kicks, gas was just a little over a buck a gallon!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Former Volusia County Council Chair Patricia Northey Joins Ghyabi & Associates as Project Manager

Patricia Northey, who recently wrapped up a twenty-year tenure as a member of the Volusia County Council has accepted a position as Project Manager with Ghyabi & Associates, an engineering and planning firm with offices throughout Central and North Florida.

“We are especially pleased to welcome Pat Northey to our executive team,” said Maryam Ghyabi, CEO of the firm. “Throughout her career, Pat’s vision for our community and all of Central Florida has been the impetus for positive change in the areas of transportation, the environment, recreation and economic development. She will continue to work for better communities in her new assignment.”

Northey twice served as Chair of the Volusia County Council and twice served as its Vice Chair. She was feted last week at her final meeting as a Council Member, with colleagues and residents recalling her many contributions to county government.  During her tenure, she also chaired the Tourist Development Council, the Transportation Planning Organization, the St. Johns River Alliance and president of the Boys & Girls Club of Volusia County. Her community service brought leadership awards from the Rotary Club, Healthy Start, Chamber of Commerce, the Museum of Arts & Sciences and more.  

“I am proud to join the Ghyabi & Associates team,” said Northey. “This is a company that has contributed mightily to the community in transportation engineering and planning and has a passion for building a better future for residents and visitors alike. My role will be to help facilitate those improvements through planning and implantation of selected projects that require collaboration and multi jurisdictional involvement. There are so many exciting things on the drawing board.”

Northey served as the District 5 County Council Member and is well known among environmental planners, transportation officials, business and government leaders. “Pat has represented the County in many regional forums and will continue her involvement throughout Florida from her new perspective in the private sector,” said Ghyabi.

About Ghyabi & Associates
Ghyabi & Associates is engaged in planning, land development, civil engineering, transportation engineering and construction inspection. The firm maintains offices in Ormond Beach, Orlando and Jacksonville.   

For more information contact:
Maryam Ghyabi: 386.677.5499, ext. 222